Report an EIFS Contractor

Report an EIFS Contractor

Use this form to report an EIFS Contractor that is not doing EIFS correctly

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    There are way to many contractors out there cutting corners and not doing the application correctly. I guess it is like anything else these days. If there is an easier or cheaper way of doing something pretty much everyone is going to jump on board eventually if there are no consequences. Well, we are doing our best to put a stop to that with our Report an EIFS Contractor APP. This is the desktop version of the APP. You can download the mobile version at the Google Play store. Sorry all you Apple users, but we only made a Android version at this point. If we get enough demand we will make an Apple version for your Iphone.

    You will have to have some information like your name and email address, so we can contact you. The company you are reporting, the address of the project in question, a subject line, a brief description of the problem(s), and you can upload a picture as well. This project has been started in Southeastern Michigan, but feel free to submit from anywhere in the country and we do our best to get to the bottom of your issues with your contractor. We in no way guarantee we will be able to fix your problem, or even have the resources to get involved, but we maybe able to help.

    Report an EIFS Contractor¬†Download the mobile version of this application from the Google App Store. You can install it from your computer and it will send it straight to your Android device, or you can search EIFS from the Google Play Store on your phone and find our Report and EIFS Contractor App. You will be looking for this logo. You can’t miss it.


    Report an EIFS Contractor

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